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Don't know where to start?

Seasonal help and guidance

Planting schemes & re-design

...then give me a call.  We'll have a chat about what you want from your garden, anything from 'easy-care' to specialist borders and planters.  Selecting the right plants is critical for successful results and this is where knowledge and experience really counts.  Book me for a personal consultation and I'll give you the confidence and information you need to really make your garden grow!

Flexible mentoring is a great way for you to improve your skills, knowledge and experience.  On a one-to-one basis, we can have as many sessions as you like throughout the year at times to suit you.  Whether you need general guidance or want to specialise, this is the way to go for continued success with your garden.

Had an extension, shed, path or fence added to or taken away from your garden? Changes are inevitible to gardens, and not all plants will like those changes!  The good news is, planting schemes are my speciality - whether it's just one container or lush and colourful borders.  There's a plant for every space, climate and soil type -  let me help you see your garden in a totally new light.

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Plant Shopping

Not sure what to buy? Isn't it always the case that what you want isn't available, or you see something amazing but you  don't know if it will prosper in your garden?  Then why not take me with you, and you'll have all the answers you need instantly!

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Professional Talks

Gardening Clubs and Associations are full of people with passion, just like me, and I can talk about gardening till the cows come home.  I have a selection of talks on various gardening topics - to book or find out more, just give me a call.

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Wreath Workshops

Wreath-making workshops are a complete joy - watching participants create awesome door decorations with gentle guidance from me, is just the best! Details of planned workshops in November and December can be found on facebook, or of course, give me a call.

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Rachel Barrowcliffe MCIHort

Your local professional planting expert

Think of me as your garden soulmate, the one you can confide in,

the one who is going to listen to your dreams, your ideas and your frustrations. 


My knowledge, experience and passion for gardening is as strong as ever; I'm here to help you make the most of every square inch of plantable space you've got.


A beautiful garden starts with talking and planning...
What questions do you need to ask? And how do you find the right answers, for you and your garden?
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What do you want from your garden,

and how do you want it to make you feel?

A. I want to be able to look out of my windows, be uplifted by colour and beauty, and to feel proud of how my garden looks.  I want family and friends to enjoy my garden too.
A. I want to grow things I can eat, that smell lovely when I brush past them, that I can decorate my home with.
A. I want to relax and ‘lose myself’ in the beauty and fragrance of my garden, a place in the fresh air that feels like a natural extension of myself.
A. I want to welcome birds, bees and butterflies into my garden all year round, I love mother nature, she brings such joy!
A. I want the satisfaction of being able to grow competition-winning roses / dahlias / succulents / onions / carrots…
A. I would love to learn how to propagate my own plants, prune them, grow from seed and be as organic as possible.

The next step

Whatever your questions and answers are, if you’re local to North Nottinghamshire, Sherwood and South Yorkshire, as a qualified horticulturist, I have over 20 years’ experience working in this location, it’s weather and it’s soils.  I have helped many individuals and commercial ventures to create beautiful gardens, containers, borders, meadows and even allotments.

If you want help to move closer to your beautiful garden and guidance for continued success, call me now on 07835 791346
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Your Guarantee

...it's those letters at the end of my name 'MCIHort' - they stand for

'Member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture'

This is your assurance that the advice I give you is based on a deep and educated understanding of gardens, soils, pests, climatic conditions, geographical conditions and many different plant families.

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Di Fisher

As a novice gardner, I went to Rachel's talk about putting the 'WOW' into container planting - well, she certainly did that! I've never been so excited about what I can do with a plant pot / kitchen sink / teapot - and I've got the knowledge and confidence to have a go now!  Pure inspiration!

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